Finding The Right Fit With Support Staff

Ten years ago, Quad Care had the idea that we could do in-home support better. 

Although at the time, even though we were on the receiving end of these supports, we still weren’t sure how we could do it, and get it right every time.

Well, ten years on, the truth is we actually can’t, but we know the secret sauce to getting it somewhere close, as often as we can.

Firstly. It’s listening. Sitting back and being brave enough to hear our clients. Brave enough to say no, brave enough not to have the answers for everyone, every time. 

In our experience, nobody wants to need help. Yet, at the same time, we all crave connection, conversation and knowing that someone else gets us. Better still, someone else gets the support we need, for the life we didn’t anticipate living.

So, that’s where we step in. We are having a solid crack, at making great connections every day. 

Finding the right fit for your support staff is about being brave enough to let someone you think might not be just right, work with you and your family. 

Finding the right fit is knowing when enough is enough, and you’re not getting what you need out of this working relationship. 

Finding the right fit is being upfront and respectfully candid about the way you need things done.

No relationship is perfect, and every relationship to some extent has its season. 

It’s recognizing that we all, staff, clients and family come with baggage, agendas, hopes and dreams, whether we like to or not.

It’s better communication and knowing you didn’t always get it right. 

Finding the right fit in a support worker, community access support and staff relationship is about trial and error communication, and knowing when to start fresh and that life goes on regardless. 

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