Social Strength

Welcome to Social Strength – Where Confidence Meets Connection!

Unlock the potential within your child through our dynamic group session designed to cultivate social confidence, enhance physical activity and skills, foster emotional regulation, and promote appropriate communication. Our 8-week program is thoughtfully crafted for individuals ages 6-14, encompassing a diverse range of needs, including neurodiversity, ASD and ADHD.

Program Highlights:

Social Confidence

 Our sessions are specially tailored to boost social confidence in a supportive and inclusive environment. Through engaging activities and guided interactions, participants will develop the skills to navigate social situations with ease. We provide targeted strategies to neviagte social situations with ease, fostering a sense of belonging.

Physical Activity and Skills

We believe in the power of movement! Our program integrates fun and age-appropriate physical activities that not only contribute to overall well-being but also build essential motor and coordination skills and enhance focus.

Emotional Regulation

Learn the tools to understand and manage emotions effectively. Our experienced facilitators guide participants through exercises that promote self-awareness and emotional regulation, fostering a positive and balanced mindset in a way that resonates with the neurodiverse experiences.

Appropriate Communication

Effective communication is a key component of successful social interactions. Our program emphasizes the development of clear and respectful communication skills, empowering participants to express themselves confidently and authentically while recognising and addressing the communication styles associated with neurodiversity.

Facilitated by Accredited Exercise Physiologist

our child’s journey to social strength is in capable hands. Our sessions are led by accredited exercise physiologists who bring expertise in both physical health and behavioural development. Trust that your child is receiving guidance from qualified professionals who understand the unique requirements of each participant.

Enrol your child in Social Strength today and watch as they embark on a transformative journey towards enhanced social confidence, improved physical skills, and lasting connections. Together, we build strength in social bonds!

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