Speech Therapy 

In Brief

Our speech and language pathologists work with people who have difficulty with communication, literacy, speech and language. They will explore and develop the best ways for you (or the person you care for) to communicate, as well as working with individuals and their families or carers to understand and best manage problems with eating, drinking and swallowing.

We listen to your concerns, ask questions, conduct tests and make clinical observations and recommendations tailored to your
individual needs so that you can have the best quality of life.

How Can Speech Therapy Help You? 

If you or a loved one are experiencing any difficulties with communication, whether it be speech, language, reading, writing, social skills, stuttering, voice, or swallowing, our Speech Pathology Service might be for you. 

Speech & Language Assessments 

Evaluate and diagnose speech sound, language, and communication disorders.

Paedeatric Communication Support

Specialised care for children with speech and language delays.

Swallowing & Meal Time Management

Assessment and intervention for swallowing disorders across all ages.

Fluency & Voice Therapy

Treat stuttering, voice disorders, and improve overall communication skills.

Cognitive Communication Support

Address cognitive-communication deficits resulting from conditions.

Alternative Communication

Implement AAC strategies and devices for communication impairment.

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